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Detail Service

The owner of Axiom Auto Group has been in the Auto industry for a number of years and he knows good quality work when he sees it. Axiom Auto Group is proud to bring on Luis Bautista as our head detailer. He has had extensive experience in detailing for more than 12 years. Prior to Axiom Auto Group, he worked at a very popular detail shop near the San Jose International Airport. His knowledge and expertise in buffing and polishing is second to none. He is able do everything from buffing, polishing, removing light swirls and scratches, color sanding, cutting, claying, and truly enhance the natural luster of the vehicles he works on.

"As the owner of Axiom Auto Group and as meticulous as I am, if I can trust him to work on my cars, rest assured, you can trust him to work on yours!"

James Lee
General Manager

Available Monday through Friday by appointment ONLY
Space is limted, please call ahead for an appointment at (408) 660-3669 or email us at:

Hand Wash - $30
No job is too small for Axiom Auto Group's detailing service. We can hand wash your vehicle for as little as $30. This includes carefully hand washing and drying the exterior including all the door jams and moldings, cleaning the wheels and dressing the tires, vacuuming interior carpets, seats, and trunk, light dusting of the dash and gauges, and windows are cleaned inside and out. Add a coat of wax to your Hand Wash for ONLY $10!

Full Service Detail Starting at $199
(Prices vary depending on size of vehicle and overall condition)

This includes the basics above, plus claying the exterior for contaminants, high speed buffing to removes swirls and light scratches, applying wax by hand, polishing with an orbital polisher to bring out the natural luster of the paint, interior dash and door panels are thoroughly cleaned, instrument panels, gauges, vents, sun visors, steering wheel and column, center console, etc., are meticulously cleaned and detailed, carpets and floor mats are shampooed, leather and/or vinyl is carefully cleaned and conditioned, engine degreased and pressure washed, and a final air dry and dust with compressed air to make sure every inch of the vehicle has been cleaned and dried. Please allow approximately 5-6 hours for a proper detail to be completed.

Don't need a Full Detail, try our Mini Detail for ONLY $99
($120 for larger vehicles)
Our Mini Detail includes everything in the Hand Wash, plus clay bar service, hand wax, and shampoo floor mats.

Other Services Available
*Interior ONLY
*Exterior ONLY
*Engine Bay Pressure washing
*Restoring Faded and Hazy Headlights
*Carpet Shampooing

We have a comfortable waiting area for our clients. Sit back, relax, watch some TV, read a magazine, use our wireless internet with your laptop or mobile phone, or just take a nap on our Lazy Boy.