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Axiom Auto Group - Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
953 W El Camino Real Sunnyvale, CA 94087

We are centrally located in the heart of Silicon Valley, just 15 minutes from the San Jose International Airport with very easy access to all the major freeways including Highway 101, Interstate 280, Highway 237, and Highway 85. Interstate 880 and 680 are just a short drive away. We are also just minutes away from the Sunnyvale Caltrain Station.

Do you offer financing?
Yes, we offer financing for qualified buyers. We have very competitive rates as well as first time buyer programs.

What if I have a pre-approval from my bank, will you accept their loan checks?
Yes, we have worked with many financial institutions for outside funding. Most financial institutions just require a signed purchase order for the vehicle that you are buying, and Axiom Auto Group will have no problem providing the purchase order for your bank.

Do you accept trade in vehicles?
Yes, we accept all trade in vehicles paid off or not.

Where do you buy your vehicles from?
The majority of our vehicles come from the factory sales. This means that we are buying them directly from BMW Financial, Infiniti Financial, Lexus Financial, and so on. They sell their vehicles at DEALER ONLY auctions, where franchised dealers and independent dealers are able to purchase the vehicles. These auctions are not insurance auctions that sell salvaged vehicles. If you are looking at a 2-3 year old vehicle at the dealer (franchised or independent), most chances are, it came from the dealer auction.

Are vehicles purchased from the auction good quality vehicles?
There are all types of vehicles being sold at the auction on a weekly basis. It is up to the dealer buying the car to find good quality cars. We have over 15 years of experience in buying cars and knowing what to look for in a quality car. We do not buy cars that have been in major accidents, salvage titles, lemon law buy backs, frame damage, and/or unibody damage. We hand select each and every vehicle and do not just buy random cars to fill our inventory like the big franchise dealers do.

Do you offer warranty for your vehicles?
Yes, many of our vehicles have the remaining balance of the factory warranty still in effect at the time of purchase. We also offer extended warranty programs of up to 150,000 miles for most vehicles. The cost of these extended warranty programs will vary for each vehicle.

Does the vehicle have a clean title?
Yes, all of our vehicles for sale will ONLY come with clean titles. Axiom Auto Group does not sell salvaged vehicles, lemon law buyback vehicles, vehicles that have been in major accidents, unibody damage vehicles, frame damage vehicles, flood damage vehicles, etc. ONLY CLEAN TITLE VEHICLES.

What is unibody damage?
Unibody damage is when some structural item on the vehicle has been damaged and/or replaced. This is the same as a vehicle with frame damage since most newer cars are built on a unibody frame. Often times the auction will list and announce a vehicle as unibody damage when it is sold. When a vehicle is branded with unibody damage, it significantly affects the value of the vehicle. Many dealers, including franchised dealers will buy unibody vehicles from the auction and sell them at a significantly lower price compared to the going market price without disclosing this to the consumer. They do this because the dealers were able to buy the unibody damaged vehicle at such a reduced price that they can still profit from the below market value they are selling it for. BUYER BEWARE, if the price is too good to be true, it probably has unibody damage. Vehicle history reports such as Carfax and Autocheck, may or may not show this as an accident on their reports. Axiom Auto Group does NOT sell unibody damage vehicles.
Click here to see a sample unibody damage clean Carfax car from the auction

Have your vehicles been inspected by a mechanic?
Yes, all of our vehicles are thoroughly inspected and undergo a complete multi-point safety inspection by and ASE Certified Mechanic before they are available for sale. The inspection includes all of your safety items such as brake condition, tire condition, exterior lights, wipers, seat belt operation, airbags, suspension components, fluid levels, steering components, horn operation, and more.

Why should I buy from Axiom Auto Group over a big franchised dealer?
Axiom Auto Group is an independently owned and operated auto dealer with low overhead cost. We operate like the big dealers, but without all the extra hidden costs. With all these savings, we are able to pass the savings onto our clients. We offer the same quality vehicles, if not better, than the big franchise dealers. Often times we are competing for the same vehicles at the auction as the franchise dealers.

I am an out of state buyer, can I purchase a vehicle from Axiom Auto Group?
Of course! We are open to buyers from anywhere in the United States as well as International buyers from Canada, Mexico, Asia, and Europe. We will gladly help facilitate with transport companies or you may also fly into San Jose International Airport and we will come pick you up. State and local taxes may apply if you are taking delivery of the vehicle at our Sunnyvale location.

Will I need to go to the DMV to transfer the title?
Axiom Auto Group is a licensed auto dealer with the DMV. We take care of all the paperwork for you. You would just enjoy your vehicle from the time that you purchase it and everything else will arrive in the mail. Expect your new registration to arrive in 4-6 weeks. The title will arrive in 6-8 weeks, however, if there is a loan on your vehicle, the title goes directly to your lienholder or bank.

What does the word AXIOM mean?
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